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About us


AfricaNAV offers a fully detailed navigable map of Africa (DR Congo, Congo Brazzaville, Gambia).
The map covers the entire African territory. The card has more than 120,000 POIs including restaurants, pharmacies, hospitals, hotels, gas stations, tourist sites, government offices, churches, mosques, street names, landmarks, museums, etc.

AfricaNAV is the first and only company to introduce construction names in navigation systems.
The cards are available on Garmin devices leading the world as well as the GPS smart phones that support Windows Mobile and Symbian operating systems.

Tracking & Fleet

In addition to GPS navigation, AfricaNAV offers a complete tracking system. The AfricaNAV tracking system is a real-time system of fleet management that uses GPS to determine the location of a vehicle, person or other assets.

GIS and Online Services

AfricaNAV offers a range of GIS services from printed cards online custom maps for real estate, shipping and other companies that require specialized accurate maps.

AfricaNAV expands its operations in the Levant and GCC markets for both cards and fleet management system is based on a long-term strategy that will enable us to provide all mapping and GPS navigation solution.