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Fleet Monitoring and Control

Project Description

Real-time information on vehicle, driver, and cargo enables transport managers to make better decisions that contribute to business growth and success.The GPS tracking device with the TrustTrack system creates a solution that is suitable for all fleet types and sizes.

Secure cargo and passengers

Real-time data and alerts enable transport managers to react instantly to critical or unplanned situations and avoid possible financials losses or damage to the vehicle, cargo or driver.

Safe and effective vehicle use

Real-time information improves the work efficiency of transport managers and drivers and contributes to overall vehicle safety. The solution allows vehicle ignitions to be blocked, and, in the case of theft, vital information can be provided for vehicle recovery.

Project Details

  • Service DescriptionFast and effective fleet management: Fleet monitoring gives greater control over the fleet resulting in reduced vehicle operating costs and saved employee time. It also enables timely decisions to be made based on accurate data and improves the overall efficiency of the business process.