Eco4+ E T – Featuring IP67 housing and an external GNSS antenna, this device is designed to thrive in challenging conditions. Its waterproof housing guards against water, dirt, and vibrations, while the external antenna guarantees optimal performance.


FM-Eco4 light+T – A dependable and user-friendly vehicle tracker built for efficient fleet management. Equipped with 2x configurable digital inputs (DINs), it offers flexibility for integrating buttons, door sensors, and various accessories.

Key values:

Excellent performance 

Premium GNSS by U-blox, high-quality components.

Easy installation & use 

Small size, ergonomic design, screwless housing, dedicated tools (device center, installation assistant), wireless solutions, concealed OBD installation, tailored harnesses.


Jamming detection, back-up battery, TLS v1.2.

Full solution from one supplier 

GPS tracking device combined with suitable accessories. 

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